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  • Cooling Tower

    Cooling Tower

    Cooling Towers are Bottle Type/ Square Type in counter/cross flow design, ideal for large application with multiple cells.The maintenance of AEC Towers is very easy and cheaper than others. The towers can be installed at roof also.
  • Water Treatment Plants

    Water Treatment Plants

    We bring forth for you a sturdy range of water treatment plant which is chemical free and non-biological. Our robust constructed water treatment plant is very clean; noiseless that can reduce turbidity, suspended solids, odor and bacterial count.
  • Pollution Control Devices

    Pollution Control Devices

    We are manufacture of all kinds of pollution control devices i.e. waste water treatment plant, air pollution control plant, sound air pollution control plant, sewage treatment plant etc. our plant are designed on the existing pollution parameter. Our plant treat the water/air/sound up to and more then acceptable parameter to keep the environment clean and green. 
  • Reverse Osmosis Plants

    Reverse Osmosis Plants

    We are counted amongst the prompt growing reverse osmosis plant manufacturer and supplier in India. Reverse osmosis is also known as hyper filtration that can provide finest filtration. It helps in removing of small particles in the form of ions from a solution. Reverse osmosis is basically used to purify water by removing salts and other impurities from the water in order to improve the taste, color and properties of water.
  • Heat Exchanger And Condenser

    Heat Exchanger And Condenser

    We are manufacturer and supplier of Heat Exchanger and Condenser which is a device that is widely used to enhance or facilitate the flow of heat. These are highly appreciated and acknowledged by our countrywide customers due to its high functionality and affordable prices.
  • D.G. Sets Canopy

    D.G. Sets Canopy

    We are manufacturer of D.G.set Canopy. Our canopy are highly efficient to absorb the sound of machine i.e.  D.G.Set etc. Our canopy are made of steel , puffed with glass wool and wrape with anti fire film and proforated sheet.
  • Air Washer And Its Spares

    Air Washer And Its Spares

    When summer comes with its usual complaints of discomfort & loss in productivity. Air conditioning is effective but costly arrangement especially in large areas.Alfacool offers an affordable solution, specially when the ambient conditions are hot & dry.
  • Water Treatment Chemical

    Water Treatment Chemical

    We have a wide range of Water Treatment Chemical which are extensively used in cooling water and boiler water to protect the equipment from scaling algae, full solution of De-Scaling of equipments. We have a year’s long expertise in manufacturing and supplying Water Treatment Chemical that can increase efficiency and life of the equipment as its ingredients are corrosion inhibitor.